INFINITI Carigami Models Offer At-Home Fun

INFINITI Carigami - Toronto, ON

Finding ways to stay entertained when you can’t leave the house isn’t always easy. INFINITI is looking to help out, though, with its newest release: INFINITI Carigami.

Carigami combines the brand’s elegant designs and Japanese-inspired craftsmanship to provide you with origami-like designs that you can print off at home and create yourself. There are three INFINITI models that you can choose from, each produced in a 1:27 scale — the Q50 sedan, QX80 SUV, and iconic FX crossover.

“In this unprecedented time where citizens of the world are doing their part to fight COVID-19 by staying at home, we wanted to develop something that will help ease the boredom, while having a bit of fun,” said Phil York, General Manager of INFINITI Global Brand and Marketing. “Our hope is that lovers of cars and crafts alike will enjoy Carigami.”

These Carigami models are part of the brand’s Park It For Now campaign. To complete these unique models, all you need is a printer, paper, craft knife, and glue.

With these model templates, the brand hopes to encourage people around the world to not only stay at home, but also find their artistic sides and try something new to help fight COVID-19.

To download the INFINITI Carigami templates, click here. To learn more about the brand’s real-life models, check out our inventory here at INFINITI Downtown in Toronto.

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