Summer Car Care Tips You Shouldn’t Forget

Summer Car Care Tips | Toronto, ON

Summer is a time to sit back, relax by the pool, and enjoy warmer weather. It’s also a prime time to give your vehicle a look-over. Here at INFINITI Downtown, we’ve gathered some summer car care tips to help keep your car running smoothly through the hotter months.

Check your tires. When the temperature outside fluctuates, so does the pressure of your car’s tires. Over- and under-inflated tires can lead to worse fuel efficiency and could potentially cause an accident. Make sure your car’s tires are within the recommended tire pressure range and either fill them up or let some air out to ensure they are.

Change your windshield wipers. Your windshield wipers should be changed every year or six months. If you don’t remember the last time you changed them, summer is as good a time as any to do it again. You should also change your wipers if the rubber seems cracked, worn, or if they leave behind streaks.

Get your air conditioning serviced. No one wants to get stuck in the summer heat without any air conditioning. That’s why you should get your air-conditioning system serviced every three years — especially if it’s not putting out as much cold air as it once did.

If you are out enjoying the summer road, stop in the Infiniti Downtown and get you car checked out.