INFINITI Qs Inspiration Concept Car Makes National Debut

INFINITI Qs Inspiration Concept Car - Toronto, ON
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As part of INFINITI’s move toward a more electrified lineup, the brand recently introduced the INFINITI Qs Inspiration concept car. This model made its national debut at the 2020 Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) in Toronto.

Based on a sports sedan body, the INFINITI Qs Inspiration concept car combines an elevated driving position and top-notch performance with an all-electric powertrain. It also comes equipped with an all-wheel-drive system and has a new body style.

Its cabin is minimalist, combining design and craftsmanship to help it stand out. Its two distinct zones are obvious. The first zone is the cockpit, which remains clutter-free to keep the driver engaged with the road; the second zone is the passenger area, which focuses on relaxation and offering ample space.

The Qs Inspiration Concept is a sign of things to come for INFINITI, which plans to offer five new models over the next five years, including three electrified vehicles.

“The Qs Inspiration Concept precedes a new-generation electrified production model from INFINITI, one of a series of advanced-powertrain road cars to be launched in the years ahead,” said Adam Paterson, managing director of INFINITI Canada. “Electrification presents an opportunity to reinvent the INFINITI brand globally through high-performance, low-emission models which offer a thrilling drive experience and total range confidence.”

The first of INFINITI’s new production models will be the QX55, expected to arrive next year. While not an EV, the QX55 will give customers at INFINITI Downtown and throughout Canada a new option for a sporty, coupe-like SUV.