Reasons to Buy a Demo Vehicle

Reasons to Buy a Demo Car - Toronto, ON

If you want a brand-new car but don’t want to spend a lot of money, a demo vehicle could be the right choice for you. A demo car is a vehicle that a dealership’s employees have driven for personal use or that the dealer has used for customer test drives. Typically, these vehicles are considered new and will only have a few thousand miles on the odometer, which makes them an appealing option. Here are a pair of reasons to buy a demo vehicle.


They cost less than a brand-new car. Typically, when you purchase a brand-new car, the odometer is at zero. This isn’t the case when you purchase a demo car — but that means you will likely pay less than you would otherwise. Usually, if you subtract 20 cents for every mile on the odometer, you will come to a good price for your demo vehicle.


They have minimal wear and tear. If you are looking to save money by getting a used car, then you should consider getting a demo instead. While the price tag of a demo car is smaller than a brand-new vehicle, it doesn’t have the typical wear and tear you find on used vehicles. This makes it an attractive option if you’re on a budget.


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