Try These Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Spring Car Cleaning Tips | Toronto, ON

The cold of winter is finally going away, which means it’s time to think about the fresh start that the new season provides. If you’re not sure where you should start, why not give your car a cleaning? Here are some spring car cleaning tips to get your ride looking like new.

Scrub it up. Winter can damage your car’s exterior, whether it’s coatings of ice or excessive road salt grime on your paint job. Start your spring cleaning with your car’s exterior, giving it a good scrubbing. Make sure you don’t forget your car’s undercarriage, since road salt can cause it to rust over time. Use tire-cleaning spray on your tires. Afterward, wipe your vehicle down with a clean microfiber towel so you don’t leave streaks behind.

De-clutter the interior. No one wants to clean their car when it’s freezing out, which is why your interior likely has more litter inside than normal. Bag up all of this winter trash and give your cabin a vacuuming as well.

Don’t forget about your floor mats. Dried mud, leftover snow sludge, and rock salt can do a number on your floor mats, so pay extra attention to them while you’re cleaning. Take them out and use carpet cleaner if you have carpet mats. If your floor mats are rubber, wipe them down with warm soapy water and hose them off.

Once you’ve cleaned your car for spring, you may also need to bring it in for scheduled maintenance. Contact our service department at INFINITI Downtown to learn how we can help.